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With specialized code we are able to monitor the traffic and patterns that your website receives. This information can give valuable insight into your market's habits and practices. With this data you will more effectively determine whether your marketing campaigns are successful or if there is a better way to reach your targets and goals. Once a month you will receive the data your sight has collected from Mast so you may evaluate your business efforts with your employees to consistently improve your marketing.

What can you do with analytics?


No matter the market your in it is vital to your success to observe and learn as your market changes so that you can evolve to accommodate.  It's obvious that you have to adapt to change otherwise Apple would still be selling computers that weighed 30 pounds, and USPS would use horse and buggy. What isn't obvious is that the companies that successfully adapt don't just guess what they should do. They collect data and use it to their advantage. You can do the exact same thing with the right tools.



1. Gain insights on all of your web traffic

Learn about the market you are appealing to and the kinds of demographics that are visiting your website.


2. Determine your top performing campaigns

By seeing what works and what doesn't you can quickly implement change to your campaigns or alter your strategies.


3. Learn how traffic flows

This is huge in determining the funnel for your sales strategies as well as analyzing your markets point of awareness.


4. Uncover your traffic driving content

What are your customers engaging with? You should know because that's what keeps them coming back.

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